A New Year, And A Look Back to 2018


I’ve had a slow start to this year. Last year, I felt like I had hit the ground running. I had a financial plan in place, I had trips half-way figured out, and I felt like I knew what my year was going to look like. 2018 didn’t exactly go off entirely as planned, but at least I wasn’t flying blind all year. Although I am a little late into the start of the year, I’ve put aside some time to reflect on the past year and the goals I set for myself. 2018 was a year filled with really great memories, new experiences, and huge changes for me.

Cheers to the new year!

Last year, my 2018 resolutions were:
1. Write in my journal more often
2. Make exercise and health a priority
3. Invest more into myself
4. Invest more in my relationships
5. Travel more
6. Learn to make good coffee

I think I did pretty okay accomplishing the majority of these goals. I tried to write in my journal more often, but didn’t do so often enough that it is a habit like it used to be. I stopped exercising as regularly by mid-July, but I did start making better food choices in the second half of the year. When it came to investing in myself, I did meet a big personal savings milestone and expanded my wardrobe more than I have in past years. I made an effort to reach out and meet up with friends that I don’t get to see very often and I definitely traveled often in 2018! While I made a lot of coffee in 2018, in all honesty, none of the coffee I made was very good.

My 2019 resolutions are pretty similar to 2018’s, but I am approaching them a little bit differently this year. I know what worked and didn’t work for me last year, so I can make some improvements this year. My 2019 resolutions are:

1. Spend less time on my phone
Like many people, I spend way too much time on my phone. While some of the time I spend on my phone is productive (like when I use to message back and forth with friends, and communicate with people I do not get to see in my day-to-day), most of the time I spend on my phone could be used to do something more enjoyable and productive.

I didn’t used to be the type of person that was so attached to my phone that I will bring it out and use it when spending time with friends, or that I would freak out if I accidentally left it at home, but lately that’s become more of a habit. I also notice that when I have time to myself I resort to scrolling through Instagram, opening up a bunch of Buzzfeed tabs, and mindlessly online window shop for what amounts to hours. The time I spend on my phone could be used to read a book, write in my journal, tidy up my room for 5 minutes or finally start drawing again. Plus, it will probably be better for my posture

2. Continue to make exercise and health a priority
Part of the reason that I stopped working out in the later part of the year was because I left for vacation at the end of June, tried to get back into the swing of things in July, but before I could get a routine established I made plans to move! This kinda threw my routine out of wack as I prepared – and stressed out – about having to move and settle into a new home. By the time I was settled, I was jetting off to Oregon and Mexico!

I admit to feeling pretty disappointed in myself at times for not being able pick my work out routine back up before the year ended. However, because I have more time and opportunity to cook for myself (now that I have my own space) I have been eating a lot healthier which a huge, positive change for me. This upcoming year I hope to be able to ease into exercising regularly as well as eating well! I also need to get over my fear of going to the doctor’s office and make doctor’s visits and annual check ups more of a routine, rather than an occasion that happens every couple of years

My first attempt at congee

3. Invest more into myself and my space
Last year my resolution focused primarily on doing little things for myself to contribute to my happiness and overall well-being. I did focus on investing in new clothes, taking the extra time in my appearance so I could feel confident at the start of my day, and trying to be kind to myself. This year I want to expand this intention to also apply to my personal space.

It’s been some time since I’ve had my own space, but now that I do, I am really looking forward to investing the time and money into making my space comfortable and beautiful. Essentially, I want to create a sanctuary I can retreat to at the end of the day. Some projects I’ll be working on in the upcoming year will be creating a glamorous vanity, organizing my large lingerie collection so it’s visible and accessible to me, and styling a bar cart for after-work happy hours at home!

Apart from my space, I want to solidify my personal style. This means I’ll continue my efforts to expand my wardrobe, but also retire pieces that don’t fit my personal style once and for all

4. Strengthen my relationships
My focus in 2018 was primarily on making an effort to reach out to friends that I didn’t get to catch up with regularly. One of the things I am working on this year is how to show up for friends that I don’t get to see or talk to very often. I hope to share some of the ways I accomplish this in the next year, but I am drawing inspiration from this Buzzfeed article!

With Vivian and Sunney at the Last Bookstore

5. Explore often
I was fortunate enough to make several trips last year, and I really want to travel somewhere this year. However, instead of multiple trips I may just want to focus on one trip this year! I am going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to figure out if, when, and to where a trip would be possible.

I set the intention to explore LA more last year, and I did a mediocre job of it. So I really want to make an effort to try more new, local, things this year!

6. Learn to make good coffee
I really think this is going to be my year.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. americajw says:

    Love those resolutions! you should do a check in like 6 months! I would love to know how you are doing!


    1. Ale says:

      That’s an awesome idea! Also a good way to keep myself accountable!


  2. I think it’s going to be your year for learning to make coffee as well! I enjoyed reading!



    1. Ale says:

      I hope so!


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