A Summer Night Picnic and Movie


The summer months in SoCal can be pretty rough because I don’t live with air conditioning and I hate the sun. I even missed posting on my blog two weeks ago because I could barely stay cool enough to sit down and write down anything. I don’t usually get out much during the summer because it’s always so bright and hot that I don’t feel like I can do any of the things that I enjoy without expending a tremendous amount of energy (although sunglasses and a parasol help!)

Honestly, I don’t hate everything about the summer, but I really prefer to stick to evening activities like catching up with friends over drinks on an outdoor patio, going to a baseball game, or saving some money and packing a picnic to go watch an outdoor movie! And I finally had the chance to make use of the picnic basket Helen gifted me on our trip to Palm Springs to pack up picnics for free outdoor movie events!

2018-07-30 01.40.32 1.jpg
The Incredibles

I’m still in the process of refurbishing my basket because I want to re-do the lining inside and maybe re-stain it, but I bought a bunch of new accessories for it, which I found at Ikea and Crate and Barrel. Since my picnic basket is so small, it was essential for me to find cups and plates that were functional, reusable and compact. I collected some rounded appetizer plates, which helped food be less likely to roll off your plate when shuffling around on the ground. I also got these stacking acrylic wine glasses which I used for ale or wine. They were sturdy and easy to transport, and were not easy to knock over. This cutting board and these napkins from Ikea really helped me cut down on space and trash waste (from paper napkins)

For my picnic platters I focused on things that were easily transported and kept well like these tapenade and salami sandwiches.


And I also packed all the key ingredients for a simple cheeseboard to have something to pick at and eat whilst we watched the movie.

2018-07-30 01.39.47 1.jpg

2018-07-30 01.41.40 1.jpg

Although this salad was delicious, it didn’t transport too well in the SoCal heat. I ended up investing in some reusable ice cubes so I can transport food that should be served cool in a cooler bag. Another option is to stop by a nearby restaurant so your food can be packed fresh to-go and picked up right before your picnic, like Gaby did at our second picnic below.

2018-07-30 01.37.56 1.jpg

I had lots of fun re-watching beloved movies, like The Princess Bride and new-to-me movies like Wonder Woman, and eating all this yummy food. Now coming into August I’m looking for new things to do with the rest of my summer that are fun and also help me avoid the awful heat! Post any suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. America Whitten says:

    I love this! I want to have more picnics!


    1. Ale says:

      Come visit me and we will have all the picnics you desire!


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