A Cat Cafe Experience

2018-05-10 01.25.26 2.jpg

A couple of weeks ago Natalie and I made reservations for Crumbs & Whiskers, a cat-cafe located near West Hollywood. Since I didn’t know much about what a cat-cafe experience would be like, and as someone who has little to no experience around household pets, I was a little apprehensive. Would the cats be friendly? Would I just spend the entire time sipping on my drink and staring longingly at a cat from across the room?

Natalie and I made it to West Hollywood with about 10 minutes to spare before our reservation… unfortunately both of us forgot that parking in Los Angeles is a nightmare! We arrived to our hour-long session about 10 minutes late, and missed the drink order cut-off time. Drinks are ordered on-site but are made at a nearby coffee shop. Since we had already signed the cafe waiver online, we got a briefing about the cafe “rules” and were promptly escorted into the “cafe” area. The cafe provided toys for us to play with the cats and had plenty of comfy seating (plush rugs and benches).


2018-05-10 01.22.54 2.jpg

2018-05-10 01.24.53 1.jpg
Sleepy Baby


2018-05-10 01.24.53 2.jpg
Natalie, Cat-Whisperer

2018-05-10 01.25.26 1.jpg


Overall, the experience was pretty cool! It took me a couple minutes to feel comfortable enough to interact with some of the cats but many of them were really playful and friendly. Staff walked around towards the end of the session to take Instax pictures of us, and offered us chocolates and a lint roller at the end of our session.


Some Notes:

  • Reservations are essential, and arrive early to find parking.
  • All cats are available for adoption, unless otherwise stated by staff.


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