A Work-Out Challenge

The one resolution for 2018 I’ve been both eager and dreading to start working on is prioritizing exercise. It’s been about half a year since I was last working out regularly. The reason I stopped was because I had gotten overwhelmingly busy at work, which will happen every September since I work at a school. As a result, my anxiety levels rose, I stopped sleeping well (or at all), and so my morning work-outs stopped happening. By the time I stabilized my sleep schedule I had lost all motivation to exercise.

A similar thing happened this January, at the beginning of the spring semester, which delayed my “2018 fitness journey” by several weeks. Something that helped me was using a cannabis tincture at night to relieve my anxiety-induced insomnia. I’ve never been a medical marijuana patient, but since California recently started signing off on licenses for dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana, I was eager to explore this option for myself. Since then, I’ve been getting a regular 8 hours of sleep at night! Now all that was left was getting started on actually exercising!

This past first of March was the first official day of my work-out challenge. The internet is full of “work out challenges”, such as this month-long Bodyweight Challenge from Shape Magazine:


The problem with these challenges is that I have no one to keep me accountable, and nothing to motivate me (other than knowing I *should* be making an effort to be healthier). These challenges are also unappealing to me, because they don’t sound very fun, and sometimes they require a lot of equipment. So about 2 years ago, I came up with a solution for my work-out woes.

Working out is easier when I work towards something. For me, weight and appearances are poor motivators. I do not weigh myself, ever, and since gaining some weight in college I make it a habit to invest in clothes that adapt to a couple of pounds gained or lost. Instead, I work towards a treat reward, which I will get in 8 weeks. Sometimes that means treating myself to whiskey and fries, and other times (like now) it means investing in a gold-plated ceramic pipe. Once I know what I’m working towards, and how long it will take, I set the terms. This time around I have to work-out 5 days a week, for at least 30 minutes a day, and stretch for 15 minutes every day. Then I create accountability by checking in with friends when I’ve worked out, and sometimes by working out with them! Lastly, I let myself be flexible with my work-outs. Some days my work-out will consist of a hike or a long walk and on others I am tuning into Blogilates’ daily work out playlists or Yoga with Adriene for some yoga practice at home. I’m also adapting to evening work outs!

2018-03-05 10.09.15 1.jpg
On a morning hike with my friend Robyn

I’m at the beginning of my challenge, but hoping I can make it to my reward day! Let me know how you stay motivated to work-out!


Some Notes:

  • I briefly mention my cannabis use above for medical and recreational uses, but I am no way encouraging or endorsing marijuana use for other individuals. Basically, you do you, and follow your state’s laws.


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