A Casual Weekend Outfit

Currently, my weekend style has been at complete odds with my style during the work week. Although my overall style is something that I’m constantly working on, what I wear on the weekends is reminiscent of something I would have worn last year, at my old job. To clarify, I didn’t put any effort or intention into my style at my old job. My style then was that of a woman in a room full of men, surrounded by dirty, greasy cars, who just wanted to blend into the background. As time passed at my old job my clothes got baggier, my lipstick got more neutral, and my hair was constantly gathered up in a bun that took minimal effort. I didn’t look like I cared.

To be honest, my current weekend outfits are better than what I just described above. I’ve reclaimed my daily bold red lipstick and I actually wear shirts that fit now, but there’s a lack of intention behind what I’m wearing.  So this weekend I challenged myself to make some changes to my weekend wear.

I started out by photographing an outfit I might typically wear on the weekend. Basically, I want to put in minimal effort when getting dressed and feel comfortable, so I threw on some jeans , a mock-neck, ribbed black tee, black ankle-boots, and a Dodgers jacket (because it was chilly). To be honest, I don’t think this is a bad outfit… it’s just not me. It doesn’t look how I want to feel, which is cute!

“Not a bad outfit, just not me”

I took advantage of the sales this holiday weekend, and intentionally looked for pieces that I could work into my weekend wardrobe. One of my purchases was a comfy t-shirt at Anthropologie that was classic warm white color with some cheeky typography. For my second attempt at a weekend outfit, I paired my new shirt with the jeans and ankle-boots from the first outfit. To break up the outfit, I cuffed my jeans to really highlight my boots. I switched up my Dodgers jacket for a knitted cardigan that matched the warmer tones of my t-shirt better, without compromising my comfort.

Some small changes made this outfit a winner!

Another change I made was putting more effort into my hair. This milkmaid braided hairstyle is something I’ve recently been able to achieve thanks to my longer hair and watching many YouTube tutorials. It’s not difficult, and it looks so much nicer than a pulled back, tight, bun. Lastly, I added some earrings (made by my sister Helen) to finish the look!

The second outfit was just as comfortable and didn’t take much more effort, but it makes me feel completely different. This is an outfit that I felt confident and cute while wearing! I have to remember to have this intention when I get dressed to go out and run my weekend errands.


Some notes:

  • I am wearing Madewell jeans, a Uniqlo mock neck tee, Zara ankle-boots, and a Levi’s Dodgers jacket in the first outfit.
  • I am wearing a Sol Los Angeles “Rise & Wine” tee (from Anthropologie) and a green cardigan that was gifted to me in the second outfit.
  • I went out to see Black Panther and it was absolutely amazing, and I think everyone should go see it right now!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love that red lipstick with that graphic tee!! So rad girl!!
    XO, MK


    1. Ale says:

      Thanks!! I love my red lipstick so much, I feel naked without it!

      Liked by 1 person

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