A Modern (& Single) Dame’s Valentine’s Day

As a perpetually single lady, I don’t subscribe to the idea that Valentine’s Day should only be for lovers. Aside from making Valentine’s Day cards, one of my Valentine’s Day traditions is to dedicate a day indulging in romance… for myself! To start with, every year I get myself a special gift for my boudoir. Last year I splurged on multiple pairs of feathered sandals, so I can flop around my house in style! Since I’m still not over my feathers phase, this year I purchased the long-coveted Diana marabou-trimmed babydoll and thong by Gilda&Pearl in Ruby.

I am also spending Valentine’s Day this year indulging in drinking champagne, eating my favorite savory treats, watching romantic movies, and listening to my favorite romantic songs. Some of my favorite romantic movies to watch are Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Leap Year, and In Your Eyes, and when I feel romantic I like to listen to some Melody Gardot.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you spend your Valentine’s Day!

Some Notes:

  •  One of my newest Valentine’s Day traditions is to file my taxes!
  • I’ve been feeling pretty good seeing my friends get their Valentine’s in the mail!

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