A Palm Springs Weekend

About a week ago, my sisters, Helen & Sarah, and I took a road trip to Palm Springs, CA for a weekend of fun and relaxation. It was a very short trip–we were there for less than 48 hrs–so we had to make the most of it while we were there.

We headed out early on Sunday prepared with snacks, music, and atole, and we made it to Palm Springs around 8:30 AM. Naturally, our first stop was for coffee. We arrived to Ernest Coffee, and had a quick drink. I just had a plain cup of joe, but it was delicious, and it was exactly what I needed after going to sleep late the night before and waking up too early that morning. This coffee shop also served boozy drinks, and was connected to a tiki bar! I would definitely recommend stopping by here if you in the area!

After coffee, we headed over to Moorten Botanical Gardens for a stroll. Compared to some Botanical Gardens I’ve been to, Moorten’s is fairly small. That said, there’s a lot to see, especially if you enjoy cacti. There was plenty of shade, even though it was peak sun hours, which made me happy because I didn’t wanna get sunburned so early into the trip! A walk through the entire garden took a little less than an hour, and that included the times we paused to snap a photo.

2018-01-19 01.37.02 1.jpg
At the Moorten Botanical Gardens, Palm Springs 2018

I was pretty hungry, since all I had for breakfast was atole, a handful of grapes and some Trader Joes white truffle potato chips (healthy, I know). So I voted to head to King’s Highway for an early lunch.

King’s Highway is conveniently located adjacent to the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, which is where we were staying. Considering that there is one kitchen for all of the Ace Hotel (that includes room service!), I thought service was quick! Sarah and I split the Dry Heat Chicken Sandwich, and it was perfectly-seasoned heaven. My only complaint was inconsequential, and it was that I didn’t really care for the bread and butter pickles (give me savory pickles, or give me death). After lunch we pre-checked into our room (which meant they would give us a call when it was officially turned over by housekeeping) at the front desk, and they gave us wristbands for the pool while we waited for the room to be ready.

2018-01-14 05.43.05 2.jpg
Chillin’ with a michelada, Ace Hotel Palm Springs 2018

The pool was a really pleasant surprise! I’m not a huge fan of public pools, but it wasn’t too crowded, the music was lively (but not obnoxious. More samba, less EDM), and the pool bar had some really great drink options! We couldn’t find pool chairs near the pool, but the pool area is pretty cozy, so it wasn’t an issue. My first drink was the Cranky Coyote (vodka,grapefruit, and rosemary), but for my second drink I inquired whether we could get micheladas. Although they weren’t on the menu, our bartender was more than happy to whip up us up some delicious micheladas, and it even started a conversation with a stranger at the pool! We left the pool after a couple of hours of lounging and checked in to our room. I was super impressed! We were next to the more secluded Family Pool, and had a balcony with a couple of seats.

2018-01-19 01.39.15 1.jpg

Afterwards, we headed to the Feel Good Spa, where I got a deep tissue massage and a full body scrub. It was my first spa experience and I was made to feel very comfortable, and I appreciated that the products they used on me were all-natural. I ended my trip to the spa by visiting the sauna. I felt a little bit like I was going to die in the steam room…but I think I would still give saunas a second chance! Thankfully, we had already decided on dinner at Birba that night, because I was too relaxed to make any decisions. Birba was lovely, and the pizza was so good! However, I recommend booking a table on a weekend. We neglected to do this so we couldn’t get seated, but the staff was very helpful and sat us down in a lounge area by the bar.

The next day, after performing my sisterly duties and taking social media pictures for Helen, we went back down to the King’s Highway for breakfast (again, really yummy), hung out by the pools (Family Pool and the main pool), and then packed up, checked out of the hotel, and headed to Joshua Tree. And this is where the trip took a dip…

2018-01-19 01.39.30 1.jpg
Joshua Tree Coffee Company

Before entering the park, we decided to stop for coffee. By this time I was hungry, so I also wanted to stop by for lunch. Unfortunately, one of my sisters didn’t want to have lunch and it blew up into a bigger discussion than it really needed to be. We ended up not stopping for lunch, but we did stop by a vintage store where I ended up with a new picnic basket!

2018-01-19 01.39.38 1.jpg

We headed over to Joshua Tree with empty stomachs and sour moods. I took more social media pictures for Helen, and we drove a little into the park before my hunger got the best of me and I requested that we start heading home. We stopped by In-n-Out on our way back, and had a pretty quiet trip home, and I could tell all of us were disappointed in one way or the other. The next day apologies were made and had, and I think I learned a lot about taking trips with each other! For the next trip we take together I think we will have to discuss expectations and objectives and be more honest about how we feel about all aspects of the trip. Communication is key! Overall, it was a lovely weekend and I hope to go back to Palm Springs again soon!

2018-01-19 01.39.49 1.jpg
Joshua Tree National Park, CA 2018


Some Notes:

  • I really liked the Moorten Botanical Garden’s bathroom. It was a little shack, and an outdoor sink!
  • I may invest in a cooler for future road trips! They come in handy for bringing along healthy snacks to eat.
  • I bought my first pair of sunglasses in recent years for this trip! That also meant I used contacts all weekend, and I’m getting better at removing them.


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