A New Year, Looking Ahead to 2018

Some people ring in the new year by treating it as if it were any other old day, but I like having a day where I feel like I can symbolically shed away the old year and look forward to something new. This year, I didn’t just want to treat the “old year” as something that I should discard and never look back on, so I made a point in my last post to remind myself of the positive things that happened to me in 2017.

Upon reflecting on 2017, and reading back on my journal entries,  I found that I actually accomplished some of last year’s new year’s resolutions (and some I still need to work on this year…). My resolutions for 2017 were:

  1. Write more often in my journal
  2. Continue regular exercise
  3. Work on improving my mental health
  4. Find a new job
  5. Be a better friend
  6. Try to do one brave thing

How well did I do? Let’s see… I didn’t write very much in my journal. I have scattered entries here and there, but not very much for an entire year. I did continue regularly exercising… up until September where it just all fell apart. My mental health is a LOT better now from where I started last year, and a lot of that is owed to finding a new job and learning to manage my finances and personal expectations. Last year, I relied heavily on my friends, who carved out time for me to listen to me vent over coffee, for emotional support. If it were not for them lending me an ear I don’t think I would have considered 2017 such a success. That said, in regards to my friendships in 2017 I felt that the focus fell on me a lot of the time. Last, but not least, I actually managed to do one brave thing. I asked out a crush! While that may not seem that brave for some people, it was a huge step for me. Even though I was turned down, I felt a strong sense of satisfaction when I put myself out there!

This year my resolutions are:

1. Write in my journal more often

The reason this is a resolution again this year is because I really think that writing in my journal is a valuable habit that I need to become re-accustomed to. I think it’s valuable for me to write about my experiences as they are happening to me in order to give myself a space to reflect. I also enjoy reading back my entries and getting a snapshot of myself at different points of my life, which is something that’s lost when I write about things in retrospective manner. Writing is also very therapeutic, and my journal can be a space where I can vent about something over and over again, without burdening my friends with the same conversation/complaints every time I see them.

2. Make exercise and health a priority

Bad habits are hard to kick, and for me those bad habits means eating chips in front of the telly and coming up with seemingly justifiable reasons for why I shouldn’t work out. It’s not out of character to find me standing at the grocery store line with nothing but a bag of salt and vinegar chips and Lime Hot Cheetos, and some kombucha (because life is about balance, right?). Even as I write this, I am scooping up salsa with some tortilla chips and shoveling them into my mouth without abandon. This goal is clearly going to take some time and a lot of effort to accomplish! One way that I can start doing this, is by coming up with healthier and more creative snacks to have while I watch telly. Or maybe being active while I marathon a show.

3. Invest more into myself

I’ve made huge improvements in my mental health the past year. I’ve learned how to balance saving money and indulging in personal expenses. I have learned that sometimes I just need weekends where I unplug from my phone and spend time by myself. However, something new I started to do to “invest in myself”in 2017 was styling my hair. I wish I was joking when I admit that I used to style my hair, maybe, a handful of times per year. It usually went the same way, too. I’d either try to straighten my (already straight, but unruly) hair, only to have it flip out in 3 different directions two hours later, or I’d try to curl it and my curls would fall out by the time I was ready to go out! Even though sometimes it can be tiresome, putting an extra 15-30 minutes into my hair makes such a difference in how I feel about myself that day. Actually, any of the extra time I’ve put into my appearance the past several months has made a huge difference with how I feel overall. As I mentioned on my first blog post, I’m going to continue investing in myself by trying to develop personal style.

4. Invest more in my relationships

I feel very fortunate to have the support system–made up of my sisters and my friends–that I have. As I mentioned, 2017 was very much a me-centric year, and I had a lot (A LOT) of venting to do. This year, I want to be better about bringing more positivity into my friendships, and some newness. Hopefully I can make more of an effort to be there for my friends (like they’ve been there for me) and experience new things with them!

5. Travel more

Last year I took two great trips to Portland to visit my sister. As much as I love LA, and have so much yet to explore here, I love to get out of town and see new places. This year I hope to travel more in the U.S. I’ve got an upcoming trip to Palm Springs, and I hope maybe one to the South sometime in the middle of the year, and budget willing, maybe a trip abroad!

6. Learn to make good coffee

I wish I were exaggerating when I said I make the worst coffee ever, but I make the absolute worst coffee ever. I’m hoping that if I learn any new skill this year, that it’s to make drinkable and delicious coffee.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sararauste says:

    I can agree with you so much! Let’s make the health priority and let’s be nicer to ourselves! and I am sure that coffee is not as bad as you imagine :)) haha. good luck with your ambitions! My new years resolutions are here: https://sararauste.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/hello-2018/


    1. Ale says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I’ll have accomplished at least making good coffee by 2019! 😀


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