A Portland Carry-On Guide

I’m not sure why I find it easier to pack for a nine-hour international flight as opposed to a two-hour domestic flight. I like to have my carry-on packed with everything I need to make the long international flights more comfortable and help me look like I stepped out of a 10-minute car ride versus a nine-hour flight, and I always have plenty of space because the bulk of my clothes goes into my checked bag. On this trip I am only taking a carry-on, but I still want to look fresh and ready when I get off of my flight, so packing my carry-on took a little bit more planning and organization. Below I’ve made a guide to how I packed for a local five day trip, which will be coming up this week:

Cosmetics Bag :

2017-11-19 09.51.17 1.jpg
All of it! Labeled with Bando stickers

I’m not even embarrassed to admit that my nighttime routine is extensive, especially as the weather starts to cool down. I used a variety of carry-on containers for the different products that I use so that I could bring them all, including a leak-proof container for my Jojoba oil!

2017-11-19 09-1.46.37 1.jpg
Two sheet masks, clay mask labeled “M”, Rose water spray labeled “RW”, Jojoba oil, and two face washes labeled “FW” and “FW #2”

Thankfully, my make-up routine can be pretty basic. I love the Sleek highlighting palette because it contains both creme and powder highlighters that I can use as eye shadow or contour on-the-go. I’m also a big fan of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line because the blush and contour Match Stixs are so easy to transport, and can double as eye shadow or lipstick. I couldn’t leave my Fenty Beauty foundation behind either. It’s the only foundation color that truly matches my skin tone! I also brought two of my favorite and signature lipsticks, a bright red (Colourpop’s Saigon) and a deep wine (MAC’s Selena Collection Dreaming of You)… and you guessed it, I also use these as blush!

2017-11-19 09.46.51 1.jpg
My everyday make-up essentials

You might notice that powder and mascara are missing. At the moment, I don’t really use powder since being inside central heating makes my powder layer cake-up very quickly. Usually I blot, use my rose spray, and re-blend my make-up with a Beauty Blender. And currently I’m on the search for a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes and is gentler on my eyelashes, so it’s not really been a huge part of my beauty routine. For now, I rely heavily on my Colour Prevails Calligraphy Liquid Liner to make my eyes pop.

2017-11-19 10.12.23 1.jpg
I transferred some of my deodorant into a travel friendly container


It was a bit like a game of Tetris getting all of this inside one bag. But I managed it! And there are several things that will be cleared out, since I tried to pack enough of each product to last five days and not much longer.


Clothes :
Usually I compromise a lot more on the amount of clothes that I pack. When I take longer trips abroad I keep my outfits pretty simple: a pair of jeans, some different tops, at most one other pair of shoes, and one coat. With these I can mix and match to make several different outfits. However, because I’ve been trying to “up” my style game, and also because I’ll be hanging out with my awesome style-blogger sister, I went all out and planned five separate outfits for this trip. In all, I packed two dresses, my bathing suit, some gym clothes, a light jacket, my Chucks, some black heels, a coat, some hosiery, two belts, my jammies, and several lingerie sets.


Other :

2017-11-19 09.51.05 1.jpg
Suavecita Setting Spray and Pomade in travel containers labeled with Bando stickers

Another new aspect of this trip is packing hair styling tools. Usually a hairbrush and a hair tie is all I pack, but this time I packed a hair brush, comb, my Pin Curl helper, several pins and clips, and bun sponges. I also packed my Suavecita setting spray mixed with some oil, and my Suavecita Pomade in a travel container. Portland is much more humid than L.A., so I can only hope my hair will hold a curl while on my trip!

I also packed a compact umbrella and a portable phone charging battery, both which I’ll need when I’m out an about.

Itineraries and Travel Lookbooks :

2017-11-19 10.37.53 1.jpg
A flat lay for my Travel Lookbook

Anytime I have traveled I have made myself an itinerary, but this is the first time I’ve also made a travel lookbook. I like itineraries because they help manage my anxiety over traveling, and keep me organized on my trip. I don’t always follow my itineraries so closely and I can be flexible to the changes to my day as they occur, but I like making itineraries so I have a guide to reference if I get bored or overwhelmed on my trip. This was my first time creating a travel lookbook, but it really helped me to plan my outfits in advance (because I looked up the expected weather for each day) and not over-pack. I photographed each outfit I planned to wear that day so that I could reach into the tightly packed jumble of clothing in my carry-on and know exactly what I would like to wear.

Some Notes:

  • I always plan for my “Airport Outfit” to include my bulkiest clothes. In this case, it’s my knee-length coat.
  • I was intimidated by the weight of my carry-on, until I realized I won’t actually be carrying it around as much as I think.
  • I used the Google app Keep to keep myself organized, and make a list of everything I needed to do and pack.




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