A Picnic Sale

Last weekend (10/07/17) I went with my friend Natalie to Unique Vintage’s Picnic Sale in Burbank. My goal was to buy accessories and clothes that I see myself wearing today and also ten years from now. Since shopping is a stressful activity for me, I want to build a wardrobe that I can add to, versus completely overhaul later.

Unique Vintage has a wide selection of clothes that are vintage inspired spanning from 1910’s formal dresses to ’60’s and ’70’s inspired pieces. Personally, I tend to gravitate towards the nipped in waists and flowing skirts of the 1950’s, but I don’t like wearing bright colors and patterns. So when I finally got into the sale I was surprised that I picked up a bright pastel peach cupcake dress and a white dress with a red roses pattern. I tried on the dress with red roses, and I loved it! It fit me to a T, after some help from Natalie to get the zipper up. Although also a size S, the pastel peach dress wouldn’t zip up past my waist and I had to put it aside. It’s always good to remember that fit is more important than the size label on the piece of clothing.

As I looked for a size M, I checked in with myself. “Where will I wear this dress? Do I need this dress? Will I be able to find a similar dress in the future, if I do want it?” Usually when I go on shopping sprees, I forget to ask myself these questions, and I end up regretting my purchases because I buy things that are cute, but don’t fit my style or that I can’t wear in my everyday life. Since the deep discounts at the Picnic Sale meant no returns on my purchases I took a step back and reevaluated my first two impulsive choices. I decided to leave the busy patterned and formal dresses that were a little too outside my comfort zone behind and kept searching for something that fit me and my developing style better.

In the end, I walked out with a v-neck and back, black, swing dress and a white dress with a ruched shelf bust, as well as an ivory satin slip (the lingerie addict in me couldn’t resist!). Both dresses had just enough of that vintage 1950’s look without being too colorful or having quirky patterns, and they both fit very comfortably (meaning I could zip myself up). I can see myself wearing these dresses over the next several years and being able to style them more modern or classic (depending on my mood). Both dresses are work-appropriate, so I can get a lot of regular use from them, and since they’re dresses they can be an entire outfit! And while I can find similar dresses in the future, I most likely won’t find them priced under $30 in the near future.

I made a couple more purchases when I went back to Pasadena and when I got home (online), including a red Zara coat and flannel, off-the-shoulder, black and white gingham shirt at Crossroads. I also tried to focused on buying more shoes, so I got a pair of velvet blue heels, black flats with a jewel embellishment (which makes them look a little less plain), some loafers from Zara and beige flats from Asos. Also from Asos, I got a black velvet turban hat and a set of black waist belts. I bought these pieces because I felt that I could incorporate them into my current wardrobe, and with each other. I am looking forward to putting together some new outfits!


Some Notes:

  • I arrived 2 hours before the Picnic Sale started and there were already people in line. I think I got in around 10:30, the wait was not too long.
  • Unique Vintage’s staff had water and candy for those waiting in line, which was very sweet and thoughtful!
  • I wore leggings and a black spaghetti strapped black cami to facilitate trying on clothes. There were no fitting rooms open during the sale.
  • I also went to Mickey D’s for that Mulan Szechuan Sauce. There was none. I was disappointed.


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