An Introduction

I have had a lot on my mind in terms of goals I want to reach this year. For example, I used to really enjoy drawing and writing stories, so I want to introduce creativity back into my day-to-day life. This blog is one step towards achieving that, but I am also looking to develop my photography skills, learn how to sew, learn to cook dishes that are more complicated than a plate of scrambled eggs, and start social dancing again.

Another thing that has become more important to me this year has been trying to find my personal style and building a wardrobe that I feel good about and that makes me feel confident. This will be my biggest challenge since I am the type of person who has usually relied on hand-me-downs because shopping is something of a stressful activity for me. Since I’ve relied on hand-me-downs for the last couple of years, it’s been a challenge defining what my personal style actually is. Sometimes it feels like I gravitate towards opposite sides of the style spectrum; it’s either classic or super trendy, super feminine or a masculine “tomboy” look. I look forward to building a wardrobe that suits both of these preferences!

Lastly, for now at least, another goal I have is to get out more and expand my comfort zone. I am very comfortable with routine and my own habits, and I want to be able to expand the types of places I go and travel to. I would also like to connect with new people and be more open to new experiences. The extent to which I want to achieve this is broad; it may be as small as trying out a new coffee shop, or going to a concert to see a band I’ve never heard play before, or taking a class to learn something I don’t know how to do! This goal is also a means to becoming more present in my life. Sometimes falling into habits can impede me from truly taking a pause, taking in the moment, and enjoying an experience. A little novelty never hurt nobody.




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  1. sararauste says:

    Great aspirations! And super doable, right? Btw, I also want to find my personal style and building a wardrobe that makes me feel confident. And your approach of starting small , aka baby steps, makes me feel that you are in for a success! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!


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